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Create your own lanyard

A lanyard is the ideal advertising medium for almost any occasion. It’s perfect for festivals lasting several days, for one-off events, for long-term use and for use in admission control You can choose from a huge variety of options to make the lanyard suitable for each occasion.

Lanyard Materials

Create your own individual Lanyard. Select your preferred colors, motives and materials. You may combine satin, soft polyester or cotton with 1-sided or 2-sided prints or woven elements. The width of your lanyards may be between 10mm to 25 mm.

Lanyard polyester - Print multicolor silk screen printing

Lanyard polyester
Print: multicolor silk screen

Lanyard woven

Lanyard woven
Polyester woven

Lanyard satin on polyester

Lanyard satin on polyester
Print: 2c silk screen printing


Print: 1c silk screen printing

Lanyard polyester

Lanyard polyester
Print: 4c Offset

Lanyard polyester

Lanyard polyester
Print: 1c silk screen printing

Lanyard satin

Lanyard satin
Print: 1c silk screen printing



Lanyards hooks and clips

Your lanyard won’t fit your needs without the right badge fastener. You may select out of five different clips, hooks, claws or rings depending on the purpose of use: for carrying badges, mobile phones, keys, mp3 players, tickets or even a PET bottle.

Lobster claw standard the all-rounder here with USB- loop

Lobster claw (standard)
the all-rounder (here with USB- loop)

Lanyard Bottle ring

Bottle ring
the bottle ring fits onto a normal PET-bottle.

Lanyard Oval hook

Oval hook
everything fits on our oval hook

Lanyard Crocodile-clip

grabs everything that doesn’t fit on a hook

Lanyard Carabiner hook

Carabiner hook
for big attachments

Lanyards with plastic buckle

The „clip-lock“-system enables a quick and comfortable removal of the front part of the lanyard. The buckle is available in light plastic or metal. The removable front part of the lanyard may also be imprinted.

Lanyards with plastic buckle

Lanyards with safety breakaway

The safety breakaway for lanyards protects especially children from dangers of hard pulling of the lanyard.

Lanyards with safety breakaway

Lanyards Specials

There are nearly unlimited design options for your lanyard. Just contact our Sales team to get an idea about what is possible. According to our motto “wear what you want”, we can show you some examples of our clients’ very individual lanyards. You will be surprised what you can carry around with our lanyards. Of course all lanyards will be imprinted with your preferred design.

Lanyards Transparent badge

Transparent badge
Available In many colors. For media or exhibitor passes, entry tickets, etc.

Lanyards Bottle-carrier

Bottle carrier for PET bottles up to five liters

Lanyards Mobile phone bag

Mobile phone bag
Due to the flexible elastic band you can carry around mobile phones of different brands

Lanyards Key ring

Key ring
Use it in combination with the clip-lock system

Lanyards Multifunctional loop USB

Multifunctional loop
For USB sticks

Lanyards Zipper

The lanyard includes an integrated bag with zipper.

Lanyards - Inquiries
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